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News <3/19/02>

***Please submit your students' creative materials (poetry, testimonials, short stories, artwork, essays) by April 1, 2002 with your registration packets.***

Packets have been sent out. If you lose any portions of the packet, most components can be retrieved on this web site.

The second annual STAND Conference is scheduled for April 20, 2002. Please check back for updates, schedules, and other information.

This site has just recently been redesigned and is under construction. Some features may not yet be available.

Info Sheets

Race and Media (PDF)

Gender and Sexuality (PDF)

Labor Rights (PDF)

Other Documents

Official Letter to School (PDF)

Registration Form (PDF)

Registration Checklist (PDF)

Check here for more pamphlets, applications, course outlines, and other documents.

...is a multicultural student organization that began on one campus in 1990 as an attempt to fight racism and prejudice while promoting strength through diversity.

...is now represented on fifteen campuses in five states, continuing the fight against racism and all forms of prejudice as we work to promote intercultural harmony, education, and respect.

...sponsors many cultural, educational, leadership, and community activities that help people of distinct races, cultures, orientations, and heritages better understand one another and work together for unity.

...now begins a new mission at the University of Southern California where we hope to expand the horizons of understanding across the university level...

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