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Tade Souaiaia PhD
 Research Associate 
 Computational and Statistical Genomics 
 Department of Psychiatric Genetics 
 University of Southern California 
  Tade Souaiaia is a research scientist at the University of Southern California. His current research concerns the development of algorithms for next generation sequence data analysis as well as the on-line analysis of sequence data as it relates to cancer biology. He is also interested in analysis of athletics and computer vision as it relates to health care.  
 Research Interests  
  Algorithms: Sequence alignment algorithms, models involving graphs.  
  Genetics: Allele specific expression, RNA/DNA differences, cancer biology.  
  Other: Models of Track and Field Performance, public policy statistics.  
 Recent News  
  September 2012  
  FadE Manuscript Published  
  July 2012  
  FadE Algorithm accepted for publication  
  June 2012  
  Long Jump Manuscript Published  
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