Move Los Angeles

Los Angeles is notorious for traffic, long commutes, and being dependent on automobiles. Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation have launched plans to increase mobility and accessibility for Angelinos through the expansion of a multimodal transit system. Bike lanes, bus routes, and light rail stations have been under construction and will change the face of Los Angeles, however the distribution of these amenities may not be equally divided into the 272 Los Angeles County neighborhoods.

These visualizations have been developed in hopes of empowering citizens and transportation planners with insights of the interconnectivity (or lack thereof) between Los Angeles neighborhoods. Below, explore the number of Angelinos that drive to and from work alone to understand the prominent dominance of automobiles on the streets of LA. View the methodology of this project to understand the process of development.

Explore the chord diagrams of bike lanes and bus routes that run between different neighborhoods in the County of Los Angeles, or survey the choropleth maps that highlight the density and count of bike lanes, bus routes, and light rail stations that exist in each neighborhood.