SNAPP has long been an idea at the USC Keck School of Medicine (SOM). Though there had been several attempts to begin a free clinic in the past, the task repetitively became too challenging with the many legal, official, city-required paperwork it entailed.

USC Keck SOM students began work again in 2006, and this time, the clinic has become a reality, first opening its doors on Thursday January 10, 2008. Faculty, medical students, and other USC students will continue to volunteer their time to help screen community members, in the hope that future complications and life difficulties can be prevented.

2009-2010 Board
Faculty Advisor & Preceptor: Dr. Theresa Woehrle
Faculty Board Member: Dr. Allan Abbott
St. Camillus Provider: Father Chris Ponnet
Co-Presidents: Dan Joseph and Jaime Gonzalez
Community Liaisons: Kim Davis & Stephanie Gonzalez
Grants & Fundraising: Jen Brooks, Becca Chibnall
Supply Coordinators: David Ibrahim and Miguel Manzur
Treasurer: Mike Morrell
Webmaster & Graphics Design: Michael Chervonski
Public Relations &Advertising: Diana Callari and Beatriz Leong


SNAPP is currently run by medical students. We will do our best to recognize any comments, concerns, and offers of help, in a timely fashion.

Please email us at: SNAPPclinic@gmail.com




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