Hello, Welcome to SMPTE Student Chapter at USC!!

SMPTE USC Student Chapter aims to bring together engineers, scientist and artists to develop the future of entertainment technology.

We operate under the Oscar and Emmy Award-winning Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) for advancement of the art, science, and craft of the image, sound, and metadata ecosystem. The student chapter provides the students with the opportunity to meet industry leaders and professionals, and to interact outside of the classroom with other students and faculty who have an interest in the motion imaging and entertainment industry.

Who are we and what we do?

We are a Student branch that operate under the direction of SMPTE Hollywod Section. Most of our members are either majoring in film, multimedia, audio or visual technologies.

We strive to connect students to the people in the industry and academia who are at forefront of developing new technologies and/or using them in film making.

Other than professional events like panel discussions, conferences, professor talks, we also enjoy getting together and watching a movie with a pizza. Occasionally, we also get invites to movie screenings through the Hollywood Section.


SMPTE Members and Sustaining Institutions Featured Prominently on NAB Show's Exhibition Floor, in Conference Sessions, and at Awards Ceremonies The 2015 NAB Show's Technology Summit on Cinema TSC, produced in partnership with SMPTE,concluded successfully on 12 April 2015, having provided attendees with a fresh perspective on the past and future of storytelling. Read more
With nearly 100 years of motion-imaging standards leadership, SMPTE is the innovator of some of the most iconic standards for high-quality content, as well as those that are facilitating the transition to an IP-based multiscreen world. Sign up to get updates.
The SMPTE documentary MOVING IMAGES will explore the excitement surrounding the development of motion imaging technology from turn of the twentieth century through the present while inquiring about what the future has in store. Through interviews with top filmmakers, historians, entrepreneurs, and engineers, the documentary will investigate the influence that art and science have on each other.
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