Demographic Information of Point & Radius Inputs

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Picture of Atlanta Skyline

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My final project idea is to create a GIS web page that informs users of demographic data based on location inputs, buffer inputs, and demographic cateory inputs.

I imagine the page working like this:

  1. User navigates to my web page
  2. Enters an address
  3. Selects a buffer distance from predefined set of option
  4. Selects a data category
    1. Population
    2. Med Household Income
    3. Med Home Value
    4. And possibly others...
  5. View results in table format with corresponding location map

Sample Results

Sample Table Results - 3 Mile Buffer
Type 2000 2010
Population 120,000 220,000
Median Household Income $65,000 $90,000
Median Home Value $180,000 $240,000
Percent White Pop. 65% 67%
Percent Black Pop. 28% 31%
Percent Other Pop. 7% 2%
Picture of Sample Map Results

Sample map result: zoomed and centered on location input and 3 mile buffer

US Census Web Site for Downloading Demographic Data Tables