University of Southern California

SSCI 591 - Summer 2013

Seth Morganstern

Seth Morganstern is a Master’s Student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California. He is currently employed at Timbervest, a timberland investment management organization where he is the Manager of Appraisals and Digital Mapping. In this capacity, Seth supports the legal, forestry, and mitigation banking departments with GIS technologies and coordinates and analyzes annual timberland property appraisals. Seth earned a BS in Environmental Science at The Evergreen State College where he was first introduced to GIS while studying hydrogeology. Since that time GIS has become the focus of his professional career. This is Seth’s fourth semester at USC, and he expects to graduate in 2014 (finish coursework in Dec. '13 and complete MS Thesis by summer '14). He is interested spatial analysis and modeling as they relate to natural resources and real estate. This semester he will complete the Web GIS course (SSCI 591).

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