Sagar Miglani

Sagar Miglani


Here is the code for my robot menu from lecture [03-04-13]

In-Class Lecture Code [03-04-13]

Here is my code for Homework 6 in which we we created a game for students to play upon their visit to our lab. My Program is designed to perform the following tasks. It presents the user with a trivia game and if the user answers the question correctly, the robot moves forward, closer to a piece of candy,if the user answers the question wrong, the song "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia is played and displays a picture that says "Keep Calm and Don't You Worry Child." The last question asks the user what they want to be when they grow up and they choose from four options and that answer is stored in a text file and it continues to add onto the text file each time the program is run. At the end of the program, the graph is made based on the previous input from the day in the text file to see what career path the students prefer. It is separated into demo.cpp | target.cpp | target.h.

Homework 6 Demo Game

Here is the YouTube link to watch the demonstration that was performed in front of the students that day