Stephanie Klimczak

I am a freshman at USC majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I am currently an undergraduate research assistant in working under Dr. Nutt in the USC Composites Center. In my research, I am studying the effects of complex geometries on void formation in carbon fiber laminates. I also enjoy being a part of the avionics team of USC's Rocket Propulsion Laboratory focusing mainly antenna design and signal transmission.

You may check out my informal blog here: My older blogs may be accesed from my blogger profile at this link.
You can email me at: sklimcza_at_usc_dot_edu
You can download my resume here.

My current classes are:

AME 310 Engineering Thermodynamics I
AME 201 Statics
MATH 245 Mathematics of Physics and Engineering
PHYS 162 Advanced Principles of Physics II
EDCO 030 The Process of Paraprofessional Counseling for Young Adults
ENGR 100 Engineering Honors Colloquium

I am currently involved in the following clubs:

Alpha Omega Epsilon, Engineering Sorority (Member fall 2010-present, Secretary Fall 2011)
Society of Women Engineers
Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, Member Avionics Team
Center for Engineering Diversity, Member

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