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I always report a problem with two solutions

About Me

Hi, my name is Siqi Fan, and you can call me Sidney. In Chinese, the character 'Si' means Thoughts, and 'Qi' means Miracle, so I prefer to interpret my name to 'Thinking Differently'.

First year computer science graduate student at the University of Southern California with diversified experiences in engineering and academic research. Proven skills in project leadership and management with background in organization and start-up. Trained research skill on data science in key laboratory at Fudan University. Able to provide employers with creativity, professional skills and cooperation awareness.

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Professional & Academic Experience

Experienced in Java and web development: Summer Internship at Morgan Stanley, Project Leader of Undergraduate Opportunity Program, Cofounder of startup...Familiar with Knowledge Management, including relationship extraction, clustering and refinement...

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Including professional projects, academic projects, and course projects: CNELL, Knowledge Works, Word Master... Keep updating...

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Education & Scholarship &

Fudan University, University of Southern California, EMC Outstanding Students Individual Scholarship, Tung OOCL Scholarship, ELITE, LIU YONG LING Scholarship, CUMCM First Prize...

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