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Sigma Phi Omega has long been recognized as the oldest Asian-interest sorority at the University of Southern California, and I am elated to have the opportunity to represent such a uniquely talented group of women this year as President. Since 1949, our membership has grown to include sisters from diverse backgrounds, each having their own inimitable talents and inspiring ambitions. With such an amazing group of well-rounded women, I can confidently say that our sisterhood has continually provided many with an extensive network of resources that all help point towards success - be it professionally, academically, or socially. On a personal note, Sigmas has opened several doors for me to establish life-long friendships, an endearing sisterhood, and an invaluable understanding of life, love, and self. With Rush 2014, I encourage you to take this opportunity to discover what truly defines Sigmas and how we are achieving a greater womanhood through friendship, philanthropy, and trust. Some say college is the best four years of your life ... capture and enrich this irreplaceable moment with us!

Fight on!

Sigma Phi Omega President

Upcoming Events
8/27  Rush 1 "A Moment in Time"
8/30  Rush 2 "Brunch with Sisters"
9/4  Rush 3 "Timeless Memories"
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The sisters of Sigma Phi Omega would like to extend our warmest welcome to our sisterhood.

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