University of Southern California


Fall 2013



5:00-7:50pm Mon, GFS116; 2:00pm-3:20pm Tue, Thu GFS116



Name: Shawn Shamsian
Email: sshamsia(at)usc(dot)edu
Office: SAL 318
Office Hours: Mondays from 12:30pm to 5pm Tuesdays from 12:30pm to 2pm


Course Summary:

This course covers the essential concepts, principles, techniques, and mechanisms for the design, analysis, use, and implementation of computerized database systems. Key information management concepts and techniques are examined: information modeling and representation; information interfaces - access, query, and manipulation, implementation structures, and issues of distribution. The database and information management system technology examined in this course represents the state-of-the-art, including traditional approaches as well as recent research developments. By providing an imbalanced view of "theory" and "practice," the course should allow the student to understand, use, and build practical database and information management systems. The course is intended to provide a basic understanding of the issues and problems involved in database systems, a knowledge of currently practical techniques for satisfying the needs of such a system, and an indication of the current research approaches that are likely to provide a basis for tomorrow's solutions.





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