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Personal Homepage with Content Sharing

Sept. 2017 - Oct. 2017
Personal Project

Developed Full Stack RESTful website using Node.js(Express) framework

Implemented database function using MongoDB, allowing multi-user access/publish/edit content

Designed responsive Front-End UI with Bootstrap and HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery

Utilized Passport middleware for user authentication

Parameter Estimation for Self-Balancing Robot

Sept. 2016 - Apr. 2017
Research Assistant

Designed the mechanical structure of segway and bollbot robot using LEGO components

Finely Tuned PID control system with LQR optimized (Implemented in Python on Linux Robot OS).

Kalman Filter designed for noise reduction.

Extended current Expectation Maximization algorithm for Parameter Estimation based on robot behaviour that involving control input effect

Face Recognition System

Dec. 2015 - Mar. 2016
Research Assistant

Designed a system which is able to locate, extract, identify and recognize human face.

Adapted Viola-Jones algorithm and Cascade classifier for Detection.

Applied KLT algorithm for face tracking and Principle Component Analysis (PCA) for recognizing.

Implemented a database system to manage feature data.


Below are tiny web application demos

RGB Colour Game - A javascript web application that showing several blocks with randomly generated RGB value. Users are required to select corresponding block with a given RGB value.
PATATAP - Clone of, utilizing HTML5 canvas and jQuery for generating animation and corresponding sound when press certain keys.
ToDo List Widget - A basic web based todo list application

Skills & Proficiency



NodeJS & jQuery



MongoDB & MySql


Photoshop & After Effects

Computer Science Related Courses taken

  • Data Structures
  • Web Technologies
  • Computer Networks
  • Machine Learning
  • Image Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Embedded Computer Systems
  • Introduction to Programming Systems Design
  • C/C++ Programming and Software Engineering