Shruthi Venkateswaran


I am a Graduate Student at the USC Viterbi School Of Engineering. Currently I am pursuing my Masters degree in Computer Science. I will be graduating in May 2013.

FALL 2011
Operating Systems - CS 402
Computer Networks - EE 450
User Interface Desing - CS 588

Analysis of Algorithms - CS 570
Web Technologies - CS 571
Foundation of Artificial Intelligence - CS 561


I did my undergraduate studies at VJTI, Mumbai, India. After that, I worked for two years as a Software Developer at an investment bank namely NOMURA(erstwhile Lehmann Brothers)
Besides Computer Science, I am also passionate about Dancing - it can be a shortcut to happiness, a medium of communication. I also enjoy singing.
I believe Music is the essence of Life!
I do my best work when I'm happy and my worst when I'm hungry!