Shinkendo Swordsmanship Club
International Shinkendo Federation

Spring 2020 Practice: Mondays & Fridays 8-10PM in PED 201

The Shinkendo Swordsmanship Club is an official recreational club at the University of Southern California focusing on the instruction and practice of the traditional Japanese martial art of Shinkendo. The Shinkendo Swordsmanship Club is an authorized branch of the International Shinkendo Federation.

Shinkendo (眞劍道),"the way of the real sword," is a comprehensive form of traditional Japanese swordsmanship consisting of techniques and methods used by the samurai in ancient Japan. This art involves learning how to quickly draw and cut with the katana (sword) from the sheath, techniques of cutting and parrying, solo forms (kata) and partnered sparring, as well as test-cutting through targets using a live blade.

Shinkendo is not a sport but an enriching martial art that focuses on practical and effective technique, strengthening the body, cultivating the mind and spirit, and overall developing strong and capable individuals. In addition to the technical curriculum, students can expect rigorous instruction in traditional etiquette, philosophy, strategy, and history.

The founder of Shinkendo, Obata Toshishiro, is one of the most renowned martial artists and swordsmen in the world today.



Spring 2020 Practice: Mondays & Fridays 8-10PM in PED 201

Prospective students are welcome to watch a class – please email for more details.

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USC Impact documentary on Shinkendo now available online.