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Science serves for life! As a passionate and proactive person, I am interested in science research and technology based entrepreneurship.

I am currently a Ph.D student in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department in University of Southern California (USC). I received my Bachelor Degree in both Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) in U.S.A and North China University of Technology (NCUT) in China. I have been in NCUT for two years, from 2005 to 2007. In 2007, I was elected as an excellent student who can get into the "2+2" program between NCUT and SPSU. So I studied in SPSU for another two years, from 2007 to 2009. After I graduated from SPSU in 2009 , I decided to pursue my master degree in USC. After one year, which is 2010, I trasferred to Ph.D program. I got my master degree in USC in 2011.

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