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Apoorva Shetti

Software / Web Developer

I'm a Computer Science graduate student at USC. I love to build things and be a part of awesome software development. I'm on a constant lookout for exciting new opportunities in areas of web development and databases.

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Work Experience

  • Dataworks intern - Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp
    January 2014-present

    Developing an in-house datafeeds transfer automation product which enables scheduling and automation of various ftp/sftp transfers. Technologies: MS Sql Server, Windows Powershell, html, css, jquery, ajax and php.

  • Web Developer - USC Auxiliary Services – Central IT & USC Libraries IT
    May 2013 - August 2013

    Developed features for the Housing, Bookstores, Transportation & Library websites. Technologies: ASP.Net MVC, Wordpress, Google APIs, MS Sql Server.

  • Web Developer Intern - NDS Services Pay TV Technology Pvt Ltd - Present Cisco
    June 2011- August 2011

    Worked on UI functionality of project “Personal Planner”, an application used to create events for recording as well as setting reminders from a remote device on a Set Top Box. Technologies: HTML 4, JavaScript, CSS, XML and JQuery.


  • Master of Science - Computer Science
    August 2012 - May 2014

    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles California

  • Bachelor of Engineering - Information Sciences
    September 2008 - June 2012

    BMS College of Engineering
    Bangalore Karnataka

Academic Projects

  • Voice activated virtual Assistant
    October - November 2013

    Developed an Android application which actively listens and responds to voice commands for performing various actions like messaging, calling, navigating etc to emulate a Touch-less User Interface.

  • Firebug extension
    November 2013

    Developed an extension for firebug that enables micro movement of web elements and all its dependent elements allowing changes to padding/margin attributes.

  • Music Search Android Application
    April 2013

    Developed an android application that allows users to search for artists, albums and songs, with data scraping from Facebook API to provide post functionality. Technologies: Java Servlet, PHP and Android SDK.

  • Geospatial Database
    March 2013

    Designed and implemented an application that queries a spatial database with a support for a user interactive GUI with Java Swing. Technologies: Oracle 11g, Oracle spatial data types and Java (JDBC), Java Swing.

  • Socket Programming
    February 2013

    Simulated an intelligence coordination system in C with communication over TCP and UDP sockets in a network with client-server architecture.

  • Multithreading & Virtual File System of Weenix OS
    November 2012

    Implemented concepts of mutex and API to create threads and schedule them for execution and generic file system API's which enabled Weenix to support basic file system operations like read, write, delete, mount file systems etc.

  • Network Monitor
    May 2012

    A network monitoring project which enables dynamic representation of network topologies, packet capture and analysis of network information exchanged between the host and destination computers. Technologies: Java, Jpcap and Winpcap open source libraries for packet capture and device look up.

  • Online Forum
    December 2011

    A web project which acts as a platform for constructive discussion among users in a web based style in the form of discussion threads. Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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