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I am a Masters student at the University of Southern California,Los Angeles. I believe in the concept of "Aim High and Work Hard, Coz sky is the limit".For me nothing is impossible.I am inquisitive and always ready to learn new things.Ever Since I have stepped into USC I have dedicated myself to my coursework,projects and have attained wonderful extracurricular experiences. I believe constant toil and and a spark to achieve can make all the difference.I like working in the field of Computer Sciences. As a part of my curriculum I have developed several projects and will continue to do the same. I really like Computer Networks and the ever growing tendency of this field.Other than Networks I find algorithms and web technologies very interesting.During my undergrad I have assisted in practical labs and have been a keen volunteer and memeber of many extra-curricular organizations.

My aim in life is to do extremely well in the revolutionary,dynamic and reformatory field of technology. I aspire to become a top Computer Professional and innovate to make lives better and easier.