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Shalimar Steinberg

Shalimar Steinberg is a Master’s Student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California. Currently, she is an instructor and tutor at Lane Community College, teaching in the Advanced Technology Division. Shalimar recently completed a two term fellowship to convert her classes to Open Education Resources (no textbooks). She has completed an internship in GIS for a local governmental agency which included Metadata for a 5 year study on childhood obesity and another in CIT. She has been involved in development and updating of database information in both GIS and educational settings. Shalimar’s first career was as an ECE teacher (2003-2006). Shalimar has completed her Career Pathways Certificate in GIS and has completed 3 classes towards her Master’s degree with the expectation of graduating in 2014. She is interested in community web mapping, specifically projects which allow average users to become an interactive part of the mapping process.


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