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Running and GIS

Running is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and apply GPS and GIS technology! When I run outdoors I like to bring along my Garmin GPS watch. It's great during the run because it uses the GPS signal to calculate your speed and give you real-time feedback on your pace. After the run you plug it into your computer and it will download the information from your run and display it in a Web GIS application. There are many features of the web application but you can even download the coordinate data into a file and view and edit it in your favorite GIS application such as ArcGIS.


Sample of run data
Date Distance Total Time
1/1/2013 1 mile 8:13:00
1/3/2013 4.2 miles 48:39:00
1/5/2013 2.7 miles 23:47:12
1/26/2013 3.4 mile 27:57:00







Video from Coyote Hills 5K

January 26, 2013

Video streaming by Ustream - Embeded video using iframe


Coyote Hills Start
On your mark, get set, GO!
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