Student Gerontology Association, University of Southern California

SGA Officers (Past and Present)


President: Ashley Phillips
Vice President: Emily Loynachan
Secretary: Alice Kim
Treasurer: Cameron Chalfant
Student Relations Committee Chair: TBD
Alumni Relations Committee Chair: TBD
Communications Committee Chair: TBD
Finance Committee Chair: TBD
Webmaster: Ashley Phillips


President: Whitney Fountas
Vice President: Natalie Abrahamian
Secretary: Emily Loynachan
Treasurer: Alyson Owyang
Webmaster: Ashley Phillips


President: Bernard Steinman
Vice President: Kristie Wang
Secretary: Valerie Yuan
Treasurer: Alexis Coulerides
Student Relations Committee Chair: Han Jung Ko
Alumni Relations Committee Chair: Shoshana Hindin/Trina Duke
Communications Committee Chair: Emily Loynachan
Finance Committee Chair: TBD


President: Kayleigh Duffy
Vice President, Graduate: Sarah Zoller
Vice President, PhD: Bernard Steinman
Vice President, Undergraduate: Valerie Yuan
Online Representative: Candace Brown
Treasurer: Sarah Zoller
Alumni Chairs: Shoshana Hindin, Trina Duke
GSA Representative: Adria Navarro
Secretary: Natalie Abrahamian
Social Chair: Kristen Childs
GPSS Representative: Krista Garcia
Newsletter Editor: Kristie Wang
Webmaster: Bernard A. Steinman


President: Julia Kwei
Vice President, Graduate: Gina Fleming
Vice President, PhD: Zach Gassoumis
Vice President, Undergraduate: Lisa Hou
Treasurer: Isaac Shr 
GSA Representative: Adria Emberson
Secretary: Kelly Fujikawa
Social Chair: Autumn Lamb
Newsletter Editor/Webmaster: Bernard Steinman


President: Courtney Wise
Vice President, Graduate: Lindsey Davidheiser
Vice President, PhD: Jessie Tingjian Yan
Vice President, Undergraduate: Lisa Hou
Treasurer: Fah Vasunilashorn
GSA Representative: Sarah Ruiz
Secretary: Position Open
Social Chair: Position Open
Alumni Chair: Position Open
Alumni Relations Chair: Position Open
Newsletter Editor: Position Open

(2005- 2006)

President: Theresa Schindler
Vice President: Swamini Wakker (Fall)
Vice President: Courtney Wise (Spring)
PhD VP: Amber Watts-Hall
Undergraduate VP: Julie Thomas
GPSS Fall Rep: Scott St. Martin
GPSS Spring Rep: Danielle Arzaga
Secretary/Treasurer: Wan Chian Tsai
Social Chair: Liza Cherney
Alumni Chair: Julia Godley
Alumni Relations Chair: Enna Lee
Newsletter Editor/Webmaster: Chris Nguyen
GSA Representative: Sarah Ruiz

(2004- 2005)

President: Kali Peterson
Vice President: Chris Nguyen
PhD VP: Dawn Alley
Undergraduate VP: Pat Halliwell
GPSS Fall Rep: Angela McClain
GPSS Spring Rep: Ariana Julian
GSA Rep: Sarah Ruiz
Secretary: Rena Shah, Julia Godley
Treasurer: Rahul Dhawan
Social Chair: Neila Popat, Theresa Schindler
Alumni Chair: Gale Shinkawa


President: Jennifer Borncamp
Vice President: Monica Marchetta
PhD Vice President: Dawn Alley
Undergraduate Vice President: Babe Foster
Alumni Chair: Taya Varteresian
GPSS Representative (Fall): Heather Zimmerman
GPSS Representative (Spring): Michelle Olo
GSA Representative: Gretchen Alkema
Webmaster: Chris Nguyen


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