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Member Name Program

Natalie Abrahamian Undergraduate
Jim Alejandre Honorary Gerontologist
Anna Arabyan Undergraduate
Lupe Arevalo Online Masters
Ayee Azah Undergraduate
Alyssa Bobman Undergraduate
Courtney Boer Masters
Kate Buckley Undergraduate
Christine Cavanaugh Online Masters
Andrea Chin Masters
Alexis Coulourides Masters
Cindy Consenzo Masters
Remy Crespo Undergraduate
Nora Dabuni Masters
Shieva Davarian Ph.D.
Asher Davison Masters
Alexis Denton Ph.D.
Ayesha Dixon Masters
Tracy Dubin Undergraduate
Trina Duke Masters
Whitney Fountas Masters
Crhis Frace Undergraduate
Sabrina Fung Undergraduate
Krista Garcia Ph.D.
Zach Gassoumis Ph.D.
Danielle Hall Masters
Mia Hernandez MSW/MSG
Shoshana Hindin Ph.D.
Gina Jaqua Undergraduate
Yuko Kanayama Certificate
Margarita Khachatryan Masters
Alice Kim Undergraduate
Nichole Kryla-Lighthall Ph.D.
Han Jung Ko (Kokoro) Masters
Jeff Laguna Ph.D.
Catherine Lee Masters
Judith Lee Undergraduate
Jessica Lendon Ph.D.
Daniella Lent Undergraduate
Alexandria Levitt Masters
Emily Loynachan Undergraduate
Cortney Maslyn Masters
Alexis Mathews Undergraduate
Sara McCleskey Masters
Joan McGregor Online Masters
Natalie Millman Undergraduate
Joohong Min Ph.D.
Victoria Morris Masters
Kaoru Nashiro Ph.D.
Adria E. Navarro Ph.D.
Anna Nguyen Masters
Alyson Owyang Undergraduate
Sheeja Cyril Pandarakalam Masters
Ashley Phillips Undergraduate
Nicholas Pisca Ph.D.
Grace Sasaki Undergraduate
Sarah Sherman Undergraduate
Maria Siciliano Ph.D.
Bernard Steinman Ph.D.
Barbara Thomas Online Masters
Sarinnapha Vasunilashorn Ph.D.
Katie Walker Masters
Kristie Wang Undergraduate
Natalie Warrick Masters
Felicia Wheaton Ph.D.
Karlton Wong Masters
Allyson Young Undergraduate
Valerie Yuan Undergraduate

Natalie Abrahamian is intrigued by the neurological and psychiatric apects of the aging society. She plans to attend medical school in the future, and is preparing to do so by participating and gaining experience at numerous elderly senior care facilities, children's hospitals, Alzheimer's nursing homes, etc. Top

Jim Alejandre has a background in architecture. He is interested in all aspects of aging and gerontology. Top
Anna Arabyan is an undergraduate who is interested in hospice care and geriatric pharmacy. Top
Lupe Arevalo is a faculty member at the USC School of Dentistry. She is interested in dentistry for older adults. Top
Ayee Azah is an undergraduate student majoring in biology and gerontology. She is premed and hopes to be able to incorporate her love for biology with the field of aging. Top

Alyssa Bobman is an undergraduate. She plans to obtain a bachelor of science in human development and aging and a masters of science in gerontology. Alyssa plans to use her skills and compassion to ensure that the aging population has the highest possible quality of life. For her career, Alyssa would like to become an administrator for a retirement community, an advocate in public service, or an occupational therapist. Regardless, she hopes to promote and protect the dignity of older adults.Top
Courtney Boer is a second year masters student. Top
Kate Buckley is an undergraduate who is interested in working in the health field with the elderly. She is interested in nutrition and fitness and integrating that into aging healthily. Top
Andrea Chin is a first year masters student who seeks to learn more about the cognitive and emotional effects of aging, as well as social/health services delivery for older adults. She would like to be involved in developing supportive programs for caregivers. Top
Alexis Coulourides is a second-year masters student who is interested in end-of-life care, and exercise for older people. Top
Cindy Cosenzo is an online MAG student. Through her organization, AgeCelebration, Cindy raises awareness about the universality of the Aging experience and works with organizations and corporations to apply intergenerational approaches to services and initiatives.Top
Remy Crespo is an undergraduate, senior. Her curiosity to become a gerontology major was sparked while working as a tourguide in her hometown of Avalon. She transferred to USC as a dental hygiene major, but switched when she realized that teeth were not her passion. Now, she works with people who have no teeth. Top
Nora Dabuni is a junior who is fascinated by the aging of the baby-boom generation. She hopes to better the lives of older adults by changing policies related to Medicare and Social Security. After completing her degree in Human Development and Aging, Nora plans to begin the Masters program at the Andrus School.Top
Shieva Davarian is a second-year Ph.D. student who is interested in cognitive decline and functioning in old age and biodemography. Top
Asher Davison is a science educator and classical musician turning his attention and personal growth toward lifespan development in modern society. His primary interests are creativity, intergenerational learning, and interactions between them. Top
Alexis Denton is a first-year Ph.D. student with a background in architecture. She is in developing new models of senior housing. Top
Ayesha Dixon is a first year masters student who wants to learn more about the societal effects of aging, as well as older adult social services, and the Aging Network. Her experience working at a National Aging Organization helped her become even more deeply involved in implementing programs for older adults. Top
Tracy Dubin Tracy Dubin is an undergraduate senior dual majoring in Gerontology and English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. She wants to be a gerontological journalist, informing the world about Medicare and Medicaid, dispersing current medical news, and teaching people at every stage in life how to age successfully. Top
Trina Duke is a second-year masters student whose interests include autobiography and reminiscence; and bereavement and end-of-life issues. Top
Whitney Fountas Whitney Fountas is a master of science student interested in policy development and health and wellness education across the lifespan. She served as the president of SGA last year. Top
Chris Frace Chris Frace is a senior and one of the only Gerontology students taking on a major from the Marshall School of Business. Growing up a surfer, he is youthful, enthusiastic, and very approachable. He is wholeheartedly dedicated to entrepreneurship and is determined to create a service or product that assists the elderly in remaining as independent as possible in life by maintaining and monitoring their health from home. Top

Sabrina Fung is a junior undergraduate gerontology major interested in social work . She looks forward to the opportunity to work with the elderly overseas in the future. Top

Krista Garcia is a Ph.D. student. She is interested in population health and geriatric medicine. Top

Zach Gassoumis is a fourth-year Ph.D. student. His research interests surround economic insecurity in an aging society, including elder abuse. He is planning on pursuing a post-doc after graduation to further postpone any looming career decisions. Top

Danielle Hall is a Masters student. She is interested in working with older adults in rural areas. Top
Mia Hernandez is a second-year MSW/MSG student. She is interested in community organization, public policy, program development and advocacy.Top

Shoshana Hindin is a Ph.D. student whose current interests include social-cognitive programming for older adults in the community and in care facilities; lifespan psychology and intergenerational interaction; and public health. Top

Gina Jaqua is an undergraduate student majoring in Health Promotion and double minoring in Gerontology and Natural Science with a pre-medicine emphasis. She hopes to work with under served populations in medicine, specifically in geriatric medicine. Top

Yuko Kanayama is working on a Certificate in gerontology. She is interested in social services for older people and aging in ethnic groups. One of her favorite books is "Life Lessons" by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Top
Margarita Khachatryan is working on her Master of Aging Services Management degree.Margarita is very passionate about creating a better environment for frail elders, particularly within a skilled nursing setting. Upon graduation, she is planning to take on a role as an Administrator in a long-term facility. When not studying and working, Margarita enjoys nature, reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends. Top
Alice Kim is an undergraduate who is interested in the development of the aging population and its impact on geriatric medicine. Top
Han Jung Ko (Kokoro) is a second-year masters student. She is interested in older peoples' perception and values toward death and dying. Top

Nichole Kryla-Lighthall is a fourth-year doctoral student and her research focuses on cognition changes in aging. Specifically, her studies look at how physiological responses to stress (such as increased cortisol and alpha amylase secretion) may influence emotional memory and decision making about risky alternatives, and how these relationships may be affected by the aging process. Currently, Nichole is conducting a study using fMRI to monitor brain activation during decision making under stress. Top

Jeff Laguna is a third-year Ph.D. student in Gerontology. He is interested in studying all aspects of end-of-life and palliative care. Specifically, his research interests include health care transitions & continuity of care, health care disparities, bereavement, and religion/spirituality at end-of-life. Upon graduation, Jeff hopes to become a research-conducting faculty member at a major university. Fight on!Top

Catherine Lee is a first year Masters student and a life insurance agent with New York Life. She is an entrepreneur by nature and an advocate for retirement planning and long-term-care insurance. Top
Judith Lee is an undergraduate senior. She has an interest in neuroscience, and has recently changed her major to gerontology, a field that she finds exciting, and filled with opportunities for personal growth and success. Top

Jessica Lendon is a third-year Ph.D. student with interests in long-term care/health policy, ageism, caregiving, and Alzheimer's Disease. Top

Daniella Lent is an undergraduate student majoring in human development and aging. She is intrigued by the physiology and pathology associated with aging. She plans on attending medical school to become a gerontologist. Top
Alexandria Levitt is a Masters student. She is interested in media and film, as well as end-of-life counseling and housing. Top
Emily Loynachan is a junior at USC. Majoring in Gerontology on the social science track, Emily also hopes to either major or minor in classical voice at the USC Thorton School of Music and create a music therapy focus. Emily is excited to be a member of SGA and work with the other talented members to sponsor and participate in activities and promote awareness and support for aging. Top

Cortney Maslyn is an MSG student from Upstate New York (a small town called Painted Post). She received a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Syracuse University. Cortney's interests are long term care facilities; she is intrigued by the three step facilities- retirement, assisted living and nursing homes on the same campus. One day, Cortney plans to own and run her own facility. Top

Alexis Mathews is an undergraduate gerontology major who is interested in occupational therapy for older people, and advocacy.Top

Sara McCleskey is a Masters student. She is interested in working directly with older adults and their families in the context of geriatric care management and counseling. Top

With 2 parents 2 generations older than herself and a 9 year weekly visit to her charity that gives aid, support and meals to diagnosed mentally-ill homeless women, Joan McGregor decided she needed to learn more about helping people, older people in particular, and creating public awareness for their needs and trying to help solve their problems.Top

Natalie Millman is an undergraduate in sociology and social work and hopes to begin a dual-degree master's program in social work and gerontology in Fall 2012. She is particularly interested in aging in relation to complimentary/alternative health use, and hopes to incorporate her interests in music, literature, spirituality and religion, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and other elements of the human experience into her gerontological studies. Top

Joohong Min is a first year Ph.D student from Korea.
She is interested in family relationships, and grandparenting. She holds a masters degree in Family Studies. Top
Victoria Morris is a first-year masters student. She is interested in continuing her research in areas of end-of-life issues and euthanasia. Top
Kaoru Nashiro is a third-year transfer Ph.D. student whose research focus is emotion-memory interaction and decision-making in older adults and early-stage Alzheimer’s patients. She is broadly interested in many aspects of aging including long-term care, fall prevention, biological/neurological changes with age, policy-making, and housing. Top

Adria E. Navarro is a fourth year doctoral student.  She has social work experience assisting older adults in the transition from hospital to home and facilitated caregiver support groups for Kaiser Permanente, Cal Tech, JPL and Huntington Hospital.  Her research is focused on vulnerable older adults:  elder abuse, care transitions and legal needs.Top

Anna Nguyen is an online MAG student. She is interested in fall prevention, home modification, and how changing behavior strategies can positively affect the interaction of people with their built environment. Top

Alyson Owyang loves dogs! She is an undergraduate Gerontology major on the pre-vet track, and she hopes to help people no matter what career she ends up in. She also enjoys studying about the acceptance of death and aging. Top
Sheeja Cyril Pandarakalam is a first-year masters student who is interested in research related to oral health and aging. She would like to advance her career in dentistry as a geriatric dentist. Top

Ashley Phillips is the current president and webmaster of SGA. She is interested in elder abuse and plans to pursue a career in elder law in the future. She also has an interest in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Top

Nicholas Pisca is a first-year PhD student with interests in global health and aging, and end-of-life care issues.Top
Grace Sasaki is a first-year masters student who is interested in neuroscience. She plans to go to Medical School in the future. Top
Maria Siciliano is a second year Ph.D. student who is interested in end-of-life care. Top
Sara Song is an undergraduate who is interested in aging research. Top

Bernard Steinman is a Ph.D. candidate. He works as a research assistant at the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence and is interested in the role of sensory loss in falls. Top

Barbara Thomas is a first-year online masters student from the Pacific Northwest. She is interested in long-term care policy, and memoir and life review. Top

Sarinnapha "Fah" Vasunilashorn is a Ph.D. candidate. She is particularly interested in studying the relationship between early chronic infection, inflammation and physical disability in older adults. Top

Katie Walker is an first-year masters student who is interested in gerontechnology. In addition, Katie is interested in working in state and national parks to create better trails and facilities for older visitors. Top
Kristie Wang is an undergraduate who is interested in geriatric medicine and the overall well-being of the older population. Top
Natalie Warrick is a second year Master's student interested in Gerontology and cognitive aging. She hopes to one day become a counselor assisting families who have an Alzheimer's afflicted member. Currently, Natalie lives in the San Francisco Bay area but anticipates returning to her home town of Los Angeles to finish her degree by next year. Top
Felicia Wheaton is a second year Ph.D. student who is interested in culture and aging. Top

Karlton Wong is a Masters student. He is interested in physical and mental changes that occur as people age. Top

Allyson Young is a junior undergraduate who is interested in business and elder law as well as case management. Top

Valerie Yuan is an undergraduate premed student who is intrigued by the psychological changes that occur throughout aging. She is also interested in finding ways to incorporate music in the lives of the elderly.Top

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