Stephen DeSalvo

Math 126 Calculus II

NOTE: Please do not email me with questions like "I missed class, what did we cover?" Find someone else in the class and ask them.

Note: During office hours, if I am working on something or am on the computers PLEASE INTERRUPT ME. I will be more than happy to assist you. If there is no one here to help I will certainly keep myself busy, but please get my attention if you do need assistance during those times. Office hours are my time to help you.

Note: If you email me asking for help on a particular problem from the book, please include all of the relevant information in the email, as I do not check emails with the book right next to me. In particular, do not email me with a question like "how do you do number 6?" Write out the problem in the email and explain exactly where you are stuck and what you have tried.


My office hours for the rest of the semester are Tuesdays from 9-11am and Thursdays 10-11am in KAP 263, the Math Center.

Also, please note that there is always a TA in the math center from 9-7 Monday - Thursday, and 9-5 on Fridays, so if those times do not work for you you can go in at any time to get help.

Unit Circle

Trig Identities. This is the one that I used to carry around. Note that they use j to represent the imaginary number sqrt(-1).

Also useful is the Wikipedia page on Trig Identities


125 Final Exams. For students who aren't sure if they're adequately prepared for this class.

Website for previous Math 126 Final Exams.

Quizzes and Solutions

Quiz 1.

Quiz 1 Solutions.

Quiz 2.

Quiz 2 Solutions.

Quiz 3.

Quiz 3 Solutions.

Quiz 4.

Quiz 4 Solutions.

Quiz 5.

Quiz 5 Solutions.

Quiz 6.

Quiz 6 Solutions.

Quiz 7.

Quiz 7 Solutions.

Quiz 8.

Quiz 8 Solutions.

Quiz 9.

Quiz 9 Solutions.

Quiz 10.

Quiz 10 Solutions.

Quiz 11.

Quiz 11 Solutions.

Quiz 12.

Quiz 12 Solutions.

Supplementary Material

A note on Compositions.

Epsilon-Delta Limits

A very tricky limit.

Other things

Pretty pictures.