USC Mens Club Soccer
USC Mens Club Soccer

The University of Southern California's Mens Soccer Club

About the Team

The USC Mens Soccer Club is comprised of talented  undergraduate and graduate student athletes of the University of Southern California. The club is partially funded by the USC Rec Sports Department and does not offer financial scholarships nor help with school admission. A tryout is held in the beginning of the fall semester and is open to all USC male students. The team competes in the California Collegiate Club Soccer League of the West Coast Soccer Association, holding home games at Cromwell Track Stadium and McAlister Field and traveling the state to play away games. The fall season is played to earn a spot for the Championship Division of the NIRSA National Championships.  If interested in playing for the team, email us at or

Proud Partners: Kicks For Kids

USC Men's Soccer is proud to announce our support of a new USC Organization -- Kicks for Kids. Kicks for Kids is a service organization dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for children with special needs in the greater Los Angeles area. With weekly soccer games and wholesome snacks, they aim to celebrate children traditionally marginalized from organized sports. We strive to establish meaningful bonds between children with developmental disabilities in the Los Angeles area and USC students from different wakes of campus life. For more information on the program, visit their Website or their Facebook page.

Posted 8/28/13

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