Welcome to USC Science Outreach!

Welcome to SCience Outreach (SCout), the premier student run local elementary science outreach group at the University of Southern California.

SCout is a student organization on campus geared towards fostering an exciting scientific learning environment for elementary students in the surrounding community. Each week, our "Scouts" visit Weemes Elementary School and lead classroom lessons and after-school enrichment sessions for the students. Ranging from lessons about music to hands-on ice cream making, our program aims to excite the students about science and encourage them to pursue an education in science. Additionally, many of our "Scouts" act as mentors and we strive to act as proper role models for the elementary students. If you're interested in joining, feel free to click to links to get more information.

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Our Mission

Science Outreach, or SCout, was established at the University of Southern California in order to foster scientific literacy at the university and in the surrounding community.

Our goal is to give USC undergraduate and graduate volunteers the opportunity to present a fun, entertaining, and safe science lessons to elementary school students. We also want to help teachers enhance their instruction by supplementing their science curriculum. Additionally, we believe that elementary school children will greatly benefit from having college students as role models and hope that our programs will stimulate more interest in science as a profession.

The goal of Science Outreach is to not only motivate students to become scientists, engineers, physicians, and educators, but to also foster a scientifically-minded and scientifically-literate generation of people that our future depends on.

Our E-Board Members:


Diana Kogan

Manu Gandham

Vice President

John Davy

Experiment Manager

Divakar Singamsetty

Assistant Experiment Managers

Kayla Tomizawa

Mayur Urva

Director of Finance

Eugene Shin

Directors of Programming

Alyssa Dykman

Steph Chow

Directors of Recruitment

Tifffany Fan

Devika Das


Kristen Zung


Brian Shaw


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Volunteer Locations

Weemes Elementary School

1260 W 36th Place

Los Angeles, CA 90007

How to Get to Weemes Elementary

Exit campus from Gate 8 in between KAP and DRB. Cross the street and continue down 36th Place for approximately 2 blocks.

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If you do not have a bike,

Continue a little past Budlong Ave and the entrance to the school will be on your left. Once you enter through the front, turn left into the hallway and the office will be on your left.

If you have a bike,

Enter the parking lot directly across from Budlong Ave. On the right, there is a brown fence and behind that fence there are bike racks for you to park your bike. Right next to the bike racks there is a door that will lead you into the teacher's lounge. Walk directly through the lounge into the large auditorium and exit outdoors on your left. Straight ahead you will see lunch tables and a door that enters into a hallway. Continue into that hallway and the office will be on your left.

Signing In

Go to the main office to sign in.

On the counter on the right, there is a blue binder for USC programs. Inside there should be blank sheets for SCOUT volunteers. Fill one out with your name and place it in the "SCience Outreach" section of the binder.

Don't forget to wear your Scout shirt! This is MANDATORY because the elementary school staff need to recognize you!

32nd Street School/USC Magnet

822 W 32nd St.

Los Angeles, CA 90007

How to Get to 32nd Street School

Exit campus north of the JEP House/ Finger Fountain. Cross Jefferson Blvd and continue on University Ave. When you reach 32nd St, the school parking lot and main office entrance is on your right.

If you have a bike,

You will have to park the bike at the entrance.

Signing In

When you enter the main office building, there is a small table with an attendant in the hallway. Sign in here and get a visitor sticker.

Don't forget to wear your Scout shirt! This is MANDATORY because the elementary school staff need to recognize you!

Photo album

SCout BBQ Fall 2013

SCout Hollywood Hike January 2014

SCout Griffith Observatory April 2014


SCout Promo 2013-2014

SCout Promo - Annenberg

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Just drop by one of our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 8pm in VKC 152 and fill out a sign up form!

How much are dues?

For new members, dues are $25 for the semester and include one of our new cardinal & gold Scout t-shirts!

For returning members, dues are $15 per semester.

What are the requirements for Scout?

Aside from paying the dues, each of our Scouts are required to sign up for a weekly one-hour volunteer shifts. The shifts range from 10:00am-3:00pm during the week.

When do you meet?

Tuesdays at 8pm in VKC 152.

I'm not a science major, can I still join?

Yes! While Scout is a science outreach program, the lessons that we teach are all on an elementary level so we welcome anyone from any major!


Send an e-mail to SCoutUSC@usc.edu:




Or email a board member!

If you have questions about the club, don't hesitate to contact us!

SCout email- scoutusc@usc.edu

Diana Kogan- dkogan@usc.edu

Manu Gandham- gandham@usc.edu

Brian Shaw- briansha@usc.edu

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