This is PITA

PITA moves at the speed of smell.
The coolest thing it can do is actually work sometimes!

What I like about programming is how a bunch of numbers symbols and letters can create a physical action.

Last summer I lazed about, worked at a camp, and slept.
My hobbies are road racing, drums, sports of any kind, watching movies, playing video games, and sleeping.
I am passionate about making the next great next-gen video game.


After like 20 attempts, David K , Brendon G , Maggi Y and I got PITA to do a triangle!

In the second part of Lab 1, Gabriel M's , Daria C's Paige K's , and my acquired the sensor data from our respective robots, "Chuck" "Otto" "Killa" and "PITA"

Pre-Lab Questions:
1.) The song that PITA will be singing is the intro theme to the video game “Mortal Kombat”. His Line sensors will pick up that he is on a white surface (the dry erase board) and this will activate his singing and circling.
2.) Pita will go in a circle while singing his favorite song, and then he will use his Fluke IR sensors to see if there are any obstacles in his way. If not, he will cut a triangle into his circle, creating the logo for the video game “Borderlands”. If there are obstacles, he will not move and say, “Can’t move!”
3.) Based on what time it is that the surprise is activated, PITA will randomly decide between either dancing around or spinning counter-clockwise and then clockwise.
4.) PITA’s full performance will go as follows:
a. Enter the stage! (Using the For control structure)
b. Give the readout for his vitals (Display sensor readings)
c. Begin circling if he doesn’t get stage fright (if Line sensor reads as 0)
d. Whip out his favorite song, the “Mortal Kombat” Theme
e. Finish his song and complete the “Borderlands” logo
f. Check what time it is, and either dance or spin until he’s dizzy (surprise with rand control structure with current time as seed)

With Code!


Next we worked with the behavior functions from Ch.6, and had user input to decide between the behaviors "Alive", "Coward", "Aggressive", and "Indecisive".
The "Indecisive" function caused Pita to be a shadow chaser by moving in ambient light until he found an area darker than it (i.e. a shadow). The only problem was that he's too indecisive to decide whether to stay in the shadow or move away, so he ends up bouncing along the edge of the shadow.
My teammates were... Brendon Skyler and Parker

Here's the code

USAR Scribbler Rescue! (Homework 3)
Mars Rover Alien Hunting! (Homework 4)
Final Project Pre-Lab Answers and Code!