About Me

I am a Graduate student at the University of Southern California, Class of 2017. I received my Undergraduate degree in Computer Science from People's Education Institute of Technology, Bangalore in 2015. I have successfully completed a 5 month internship at Juniper Networks Pvt Ltd, Bangalore in 2015.
I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and have been trained for 14 years and received a diploma in dance in 2014.
I love talking to people and meeting new people and have good verbal communication skills. I worked as a Software Developer Intern at Door of Clubs, Inc. - a Boston startup for the summer of 2016. At USC, I work as a Student Technical Lead at Information Technology Services gives me an opportunity to interact with many customers and solve their technical problems and helps me improve my soft skills.
I like new challenges and I am looking for opportunities to continue learning.

Contact Details

Samyukta Satish Rao
#107, 2707 Portland Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007 US



Viterbi School of Engineering,
University of Southern California

Masters in Computer Science Graduating May 2017

I am currently pursuing my masters degree at USC with a GPA of 3.65. USC has helped gain practical experience in all the subjects I have had here so far.
Relevant course work here include - Algorithms, Web Technology, Computer Networks, Applied Cryptography. My resume and the projects section below futher details my work at USC. I look forward to taking this semester include - Internetworking and Distributed Systems and Database Management Systems.

People's Education Society Institute of Technology

B.E. Computer Science August 2015

I graduated with Bachelor of Engineering degree at PES Institute of Technology with a GPA of 9.27/10. The course work at PES also helped me invest my time in a lot of projects which are listed in detail below. I was also awarded the best project award in the Computer Science Department for my final year project, SmartJacket. At PES, I was also part of a number of volunteer groups including - Samarpana ( A tribute to the soldiers of India) , Ayana (24-hr computer science hackathon), etc. Samskruthi (Classical dance team at PES) also helped me stay in touch with my hobbies along the course of obtaining my bachelor's degree.

Kalakshithi School of Fine Arts

Diploma in Bharatnatyam Jan 2014

Aside from my passion for Computer Science, I am also proficient in the Indian classical dance form, Bharatnatyam. Twelve years of disciplined training went into my first stage performance, in keeping with the true traditions of the classical art. There are no short cuts to excellence and this dictum has been ingrained into me from a very young age. This artistic side has also played a part in developing my patience, perseverance, devotion and imagination. Dance plays a key role in enhancing my academic performance by ensuring a daily exercise routine and a tranquil mind during times of stress. I have successfully completed my graduation and received a diploma in Bharatnatyam in January 2014. I have graduated with distinction at the junior and senior level dance examinations in Bharatnatyam conducted by the Karnataka State Government. Received an Award of Achievement at the Kittappa Pillai Memorial Yuva Nirtyotsava in March 2014. I have also been recognised as a B-Grade artist by Doordarshan, India.


Door of Clubs, Inc.

Software Developer Intern June - August 2016

This was my first experience in a startup domain. I worked on a Java based resume parser involving technologies like GATE, ANNIE, etc to extract relevant data to make the resume upload process for the customer simple and easy. Built a REST based framework to connect the standalone java application to Amazon S3 and a web hook to ping the platform when the processing is done using Java Web Services. Provided start/stop/restart functionalities with init.d scripts on the UNIX platform to further assist in making the process easier. Also integrated error messages with email using the SendGrid java API. Working here gave me an amazing opportunity to learn and understand my capabilities.

Juniper Networks Pvt Ltd

Intern IT-Apps Mgmt January - May 2015

This was my first experience in the corporate world and Juniper helped me adjust very well. I was involved in the development employee-centric application to manage trouble tickets within the company which gave me hands-on experience with amazon AWS. I helped the team with some research on opensource monitering tools and helped them identify the tools that were appropriate in the line of work. I was a team player and was a part of the POC for launching putty from browser for windows, linux and mac environments.

Center for Cloud Computing and Big data, PESIT

Intern Summer of 2013

Research project on Auto-scaling of Hadoop on OpenStack environment under Prof. Dinkar Sitaram. Further details about this project is listed under the projects dection.

Information Technology Services, USC

Student Technical Lead August 2015 - Current

My on-campus job, at USC, as a Student Technical Lead at 'Information Technology Services Learning Envionments' gives me an opportunity to interact with many customers and solve their technical problems thus improving my soft skills.


  • Linux
  • C
  • Python
  • Java
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • JQuery
  • PHP
  • Hadoop
  • Openstack
  • Wireshark
  • Cisco Packet Tracer