Course Info

  • 12:00pm - 12:50pm, Monday, SAL 101
  • Instructor: Leana Golubchik (leana [AT]
  • Instructor Office Hours: By appointment
  • TA: Ranjan Pal (rpal [AT]
  • TA Office Hours: By appointment


  • Please contact the TA if you wish to confirm your attendance record.
  • If you miss more than 3 lectures, please contact the Professor and make an appointment.

Course Policy

  • Please get to the classroom on time. The TA is not going to distribute the comment sheet 10 minutes after the class begins.
  • It is MANDATORY for each student to submit few sentences on the talk at the end of each lecture. Failing to write a few sentences on the talk with result in NO ATTENDANCE.
  • Each student is required to attend a minimum 75% of the lectures, which is equivalent to missing no more than 3 lectures.
  • Contact the Instructor if you have any question regarding the course policy.
  • Contact the TA if you are not sure about your attendance record.

Course Schedule

January 13th
  • Lecturer: Professor Milind Tambe
January 20th
  • (Martin Luther King Day; No Class)
January 27th
  • Lecturer: Professor Yan Liu
February 3rd
  • Lecturer: Professor Shanghua Teng
February 10th
  • Lecturer: Professor Shahram Ghandeharizadeh
February 17th
  • (President's Day'; No Class)
February 24th
  • Lecturer: Professor Minlan Yu
March 3rd
  • Lecturer: Professor Nenad Medvidovic
March 10th
  • Lecturer: Professor Paul Debevec
March 17th
  • (Spring Break; No Class)
March 24th
  • Lecturer: TBA
March 31st
  • Lecturer: Professor Laurent Itti
7th April
  • Lecturer: Professor Dennis McLeod
April 14th
  • Lecturer: Professor Aiichiro Nakano
April 21st
  • Lecturer: Professor Ethan Katz-Bassett
April 28th
  • Lecturer: Professor Michael Arbib
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