Philosopher Portraits: Series I

I've made an effort to pair each philosopher with a like-minded artist, often from a similar time period. Philosophers were selected based on requests, hence the somewhat eclectic nature of the group. If you have a request for Series II (which I will begin whenever I next have time), feel free to email me (renee.bolinger[at] I am particularly interested in nominations for historic female philosophers.


So far, the philosophers in the queue for Series II are Iris Murdoch, C.S. Peirce, William James, Henry Sidgwick, Simone De Beauvoir, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Bayes, Arthur Prior, Rudolph Carnap, Roderick Chisholm.


Each of the paintings in the series is an 11"x14" oil on canvas; prints of each piece are available. If you like them all, the PhilPortraits Calendar might be perfect for you.


EDIT: many of these designs are also available as mugs.

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