Clarificatory Note on Citation

I'm using "Bolinger" as the last name, "Jorgensen" as middle name, following the convention invoked by Delia Graff Fara (who notes that "Judith Jarvis Thomson"/"Elizabeth Cady Stanton"/"Hillary Rodham Clinton"/"Ruth Barcan Marcus" invoke the same convention).


The Pragmatics of Slurs, to appear in Nous (published online March 2015)


Revisiting the Right to Do Wrong, Australasian Journal of Philosophy (published online May 2016)

Other Papers Under Development

The drafts of these papers are in progress; for a copy of one of the papers, please contact me (renee.bolinger[at] In addition to the papers below, I am also working on several papers for my dissertation.


The Rational Impermissibility of Accepting Racial Generalizations


Reporting Bad Beliefs: Solutions for Pragmatic Accounts of Slurs


Epistemic Injustice and the Harm in Mental Illness Epithets


Metalinguistic Moral Disagreement


Freedom from Free Contrastivism , with Maegan Fairchild.