Minorities and Philosophy

These portraits and poster were commissioned by the Minorities and Philosophy organization, and sponsored by the Marc Sanders Foundation.

These designs are available as prints, T-shirts, etc. here, and all proceeds from sales of these designs will be donated to the American Philosophical Association's diversity fund.

Jose Marategui

Ruth Barcan Marcus

Frantz Fanon

Viola Cordova
Dr. Cordova was the first Native American woman to receive a Ph​.​D​.​ in philosophy​ (University of New Mexico, 1992)​​. Her work focused on metaphysics, ethnicity, ethics, and Native American philosophy. Some of her major contributions have been collected in ​​How It Is: A Native American Creation Story and Who We Are: An Exploration of Identity​ (University of Arizona Press, 200​7)​.

Hector-Neri Castaneda
Dr. Castaneda ​was a Guatemalan philosopher and founder of the journal Noûs.​ He specialized in​ philosophy of language and philosophical logic. Castañeda is noted for his development of Guise theory, which he applied to outstanding problems in the analysis of thought, language, and the structure of the world. He is also credited with the discovery of the "quasi-indicator" or "quasi-indexical", a linguistic device by which one person can attribute an indexical reference to another.​

Philippa Foot

Gayatri Spivak

Alain Leroy Locke

Elizabeth Anscombe

Nishida Kitaro
Nishida Kitaro (1870 ​-​ 1945) was a prominent Japanese philosopher, founder of what has been called the Kyoto School of philosophy. He graduated from The University of Tokyo in 1894 with a degree in philosophy.​ ​ Nishida published a number of books and essays​ ​ that investigated a wide range of topics, including art and morality, from the perspective of a theory of consciousness and the will.​ His most famous works ​includ​e​​​ An Inquiry into the Good and "The Logic of the Place of Nothingness and the Religious Worldview."​​​

Joyce Cook
Dr. Cook was the first African American woman to earn the Ph.D. in Philosophy (Yale, 1965). Her areas of specialization included value theory, ethics, and social and political philosophy​. ​Cook was the Managing Editor of The Review of Metaphysics from 1959-1961. At the time of her death ​i​n 2014, she had been working on a manuscript on the concept of the black experience​. ​She is featured in author George Yancey’s book, African American Philosophers: 17 Conversations.