Rashmi Puttur

I am a graduate student at University of Southern California specializing in Data Science. As a masters' student I have been exposed to various areas of Computer Science and it's Applications.
My interests lie in the areas of Database Systems, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics.
At USC, I have had the opportunity to do good projects that have helped me understand these areas at more depth.
I like solving challenging and complex problems and take keen interest in knowing how acquired knowledge can be put to best use.
I will be graduating in May 2016 and am currently looking for Spring Co-op or Full Time opportunities in the area of Software Development.


1. Item Based Collaborative Filtering:
Implemented an item-based collaborative filtering recommendation system,in Python,that recommends movies to a user based on user's previous ratings. Pearson correlation equations are used to calculate a unknown movie rating for a particular user. The program finally recommends a desired list of movies to the user.

2. Friend Recommendation System:
Used Map Reduce to recommend friends in a Social Network based on mutual and symmetric friendships.

3. eBay Search:
Created a web page that allows users to search items for sale on eBay.com using the eBay findAdvancedItems API. Users can search for items using a search form and the search can be narrowed down using filters. Based on the user input, the desired results are retrieved as an XML file which is parsed using a PHP parser, hosted on Amazon Web Services(AWS).The parsed JSON results are displayed in a tabular format allowing users to post relevant details on facebook.
Also implemented the web page as an Android Mobile Application.

4. Spatial Database Application:
Developed a Java Application using JDBC and spatial database for the USC Transportation Department so that a tram stop can cover maximum buildings and students. The application uses student co-ordinates and tram stop co-ordinates information so that tram stops can be moved to cover maximum buildings and students.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Java, Python, C++/C
Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, PHP, JSON, jsPlumb, Ember.js
Frameworks: MapReduce, Spring MVC, Maven
Databases: Oracle SQL, MySQL
Platforms: Android, GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows

Relevant Coursework: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms , Database Systems, Data Mining, Web Technologies, Design of User Interface,
                                       Information Retrieval in Web Search Engines, Machine Learning


I am passionate about music and I have passed the Carnatic Classical junior level exam in violin and vocal conducted by the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, India in the year 2005.
I listen to all genres of music, my favourites being Indian Classical music, Hip Hop and Rock 'n' Roll.