Pranjali Rajiv Joshi

MS in Computer Science

I am a graduate student at Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California. My major is Computer Science. I joined USC in Fall 2014 and will be graduating in May 2016.

I completed my undergraduate studies at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (formerly known as University of Pune), India. My undergraduate major was Information Technology.

Here's a link to my Resume. You may find more details on my LinkedIn Profile.

You can reach me on or

Currently I am assiting,
  • Prof. Patrick H. Dent for Web Publishing - ITP 104 as TA and grader
  • Prof. Rob Parke for App development for Phones and Tablets - ITP 341 as grader
For grading issues, please mail me or meet me during the office hours.

TA-Grader Fall 2015 Schedule

Industrial Experience

  • Embedded Software Engineering Intern at Spirent Communications Summer 2015
  • Updated and moved 'Nightly Build Scripts' (Python, Bash scripts) used for building of packages on a new server, loading of images on chassis, test executions on NIC card and synchronized sending out emails about the build, load and test result status.
    Updated and wrote new PHP scripts to access MySQL database on a remote server.
    Contributed to the team by reducing the execution time for 'Nightly Build Scripts' and provided the test results on a website so that the developers could view them and update the newly checked-in scripts accordingly.

  • Project Trainee at Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd. Jan 2013 - May 2014 (Undergrad Senior Year Project)
  • Designed an augmented reality mobile application on android platform for the framework 'Solar System'. The 3D objects were triggered on speech recognition and red color detection was used to decide the position to render the 3D objects. Besides this, face detection was implemented so that the presenter's name was augmented on camera screen at the beginning of the presentation.

    Assisting Professors at USC

  • Teacher's Assistant and Grader
  • Assisting students in laboratory sessions, holding weekly office hours and responding to the questions raised by students about assignments.
    Grading the submitted assignments / term project in timely manner following professor's guidelines and providing feedback to the students regarding their performance.
    Conducting exams.
    • Assisted Prof. Patrick Dent for Web Publishing ITP 104 Summer 2015, Fall 2015
    • Assisted Prof. Patrick Dent for Web Publishing and Development ACAD 599 Summer 2015

  • Grader
  • Proctoring and evaluating exams and holding regrading sessions to solve student queries.
    Grading the submitted assignments in timely manner, responding to the questions raised by students about assignments and providing feedback.
    Attending and evaluating final term project presentations given by students in class.
    • Assisted Prof. Massoud Ghyam for Specification and Design of User Interface Software CSCI 588 Summer 2015
    • Assisting Prof. Rob Parke for App Development for Phones and Tablets ITP 341 Fall 2015

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    Graduate Courseware

     Fall 2014 Courses

    • Analysis of Algorithms CSCI 570- Prof. Shamsian
    • Artificial Intelligence CSCI 561 - Prof. Laurent Itti
      • Adversial Search (Java)
      • Implemented greedy, minimax and alpha beta pruning algorithms to determine the next move for a player in the Reversi Game with given positional weight evaluation functions. Functionalities like pass move and tie-breaking, expand order were also implemented. Programming was done in Java language.
      • Logic Inference (Java)
      • Implemented backward-chaining, an inference method, to determine if the given query can be inferred from the information given in the knowledge base. Programming was done in Java language.
      • Uninformed Search (Java)
      • Implemented Breadth-first search, Depth-first search and Uniform-cost search algorithms. Java language was implemented for programming.
    • Web Technologies CSCI 571 - Prof. Marco Papa
      • Real Estate Property Search, Web and Android Application
      • Implemented a web and android mobile application that allowed user to enter a query containing address, then made a jQuery Ajax call (AsyncTask call in case of android application) to invoke PHP script deployed on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Cloud. The PHP script sent the query with arguments to call Zillow API, the returned data was parsed by PHP script and encoded into JSON and then displayed to the user on a responsive web page designed using Bootstrap. Additional functionality of posting a particular entry to user’s Facebook wall was also implemented using Facebook API.
      • XML-DOM Project
      • Implemented a HTML/JavaScript program, which took the URL of an XML document containing real estate information as an input, parsed the XML file, and extracted the list of properties, displaying them in a table. The JavaScript program was embedded in an HTML file so that it could be executed within a browser. Error handling was implemented when incorrectly formatted XML file was uploaded or when an attempt was made to upload an XML file which did not exists.
      • JavaScript-PHP to display data
      • Implemented a Javascript - PHP script which accepted an address from the user and made a call to PHP file to extract the data from XML file using Zillow API's.

     Spring 2014 Courses

    • Introduction to Computer Networks EE 450 - Prof. Ali Zahid
      • Recursive DNS using Socket Programming (C)
      • Simulated a distributed hash table, among three servers where client contacted a designated server, the server replied with the value if found in its memory otherwise contacted other servers in a manner similar to recursive DNS using TCP and bidirectional UDP sockets. The project was implemented using C Programing language.
    • Database Systems CSCI 580 - Prof. Massoud Ghyam
      • Design and Querying Spatial Database for USC Transportation (MySQL)
      • Developed a backend for geospatial application for queries like searching all the tram stops within a specified distance, specific number of nearest tram stops, list of students inside a building in USC campus area etc., based on input spatial coordinates.
    • Specification and Design of User Interface Software CSCI 588 - Prof. Massoud Ghyam
      • Internship Explorer (Android mobile application)
      • Implemented user interface design for mobile using android that allowed the user to perform operations like login, register, search, save or send, providing information on books, resumes etc. along with error handling so as to provide students with essential information about various internships and help make the application process easier.

    Fall 2015 Courses

    • Advanced Data Stores

    I like to read story books, especially fiction and mysteries. I like playing synthesizer (thankfully USC has got one!).

    Besides these, I just love art; painting, sketching anything. :)