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09/06 – 08/11

University of Southern California
Ph.D.  in Computer Science
Specialization: Computer Graphics (3D Mesh Processing)

09/04 – 12/05 University of Southern California
M.S.  in Computer Science
Specialization: Multimedia, Gaming, Image Processing
09/02 – 06/04 National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan
M.S. in Computer Science (GPA: 4 )
Specialization:   Computer Graphics/ Computer Vision  
Programming Skill & Expertise  
Programming Java, C++, iOS, Objective-C
Web Programming Java Servlets, JSP, Java Script, XML, HTML   
3D Modeling  Java3D, VRML, Maya, OpenGL
Database   SQL, Oracle 10g, JDBC
Others Adobe photoshop, illustrator Macromedia director: dreamweaver, flash