Sarah Ouwayda
Linguistics Department, University of Southern California.

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- Men and their Apples: Dividing Plural and Agreement Plural, presented at the 2010 GLOW in Asia, at BLCU, Beijing, China (with Hagit Borer)

- Where Plurality Is: Agreement and DP Structure: Ouwayda 2012. In Principal Eds. Stefan Keine and Shayne Sloggett: Proceedings of NELS 42. GLSA Publications: Amherst, MA.

- Predicate Approach to Constructs: Evidence from Arabic, presented at the 2010 GURT on Arabic Language and Linguistics, in Georgetown University, Washington, DC

- Contrast Preservation in Dialects of Northern Levantine Arabic, presented at the 2010 LSA meeting in Baltimore, MD.

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