University of Southern California
National Society of Black Engineers - USC Chapter

Our Alumni Chapter

The benefits of joining a national organization like the National Society of Black Engineers extend beyond graduation for its members. The alumni chapter is comprised of NSBE professionals and serves a dual purpose: connecting alumni NSBE members with their collegiate counterparts to aid them in transitioning to the professional world, and bringing together fellow alumni members for professional development workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities.

Boasting thousands of members in the professional world, in high powered jobs, NSBE alumni conferences and local functions offer a unique opportunity for its members to continue to excel after college. Fresh graduates benefit by having the direct attention of members who already have established careers at career fairs and seminars. Seasoned members will gain through networking with fellow established members as well as Fortune 500 companies at conferences.

Also, the alumni chapter does not forget where it came from and reaches back through mentoring and community outreach programs giving its members a chance to be a direct positive impact on their community and inspire the young engineers of the future.

We are still collecting information on our Alumni Chapter, so please check back at a later date. However, in the mean time, we have personal testimonials from some of our most recent graduates about the benefits of NSBE membership.

Name: Alex Langford (2011-2012 NSBE Vice President)

Major: Astronautical Engineering

Shortly after I began my Freshmen year at USC in 2009, I joined NSBE and it has been a great experience. Every NSBE sponsored conference that I have attended has really helped me in laying a foundation for networking and gaining valuable experience with company recruiters.

As a member of NSBE's E-board for the past two years, I've learned what it takes to run an organization as well as developing strong leadership skills. In each area of those skills, combined with all of my experiences with NSBE, has shaped me into a better engineer and have given me a strong foundation for jobs such as the one I now have with NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Name: Motunrayo Onafalujo

Major: Mechanical Engineering

I never thought the day would come where I’d be making plans to attend the 38th annual NSBE Convention but to my surprise I saw myself in a plane on the way to Pittsburgh to attend the national convention. A couple of weeks earlier I had made up my mind not to attend the convention due to lack of money as well as the need to find a job in California (I thought going to Pittsburgh meant the jobs I’ll get would be out of state). Seeing that I was a grad student about to graduate in the next couple of months and in search of a full time position after graduation, some friends talked me into going. I told them I couldn’t afford it and besides I wanted to stay in California so I had a very closed mind about the idea.

I attended a Boeing information session on campus and one of the hiring managers strongly advised for me to go by all means. At this point I started thinking about the possibility of going. I talked to some friends who said they were attending the conference and this motivated me to go as well. I finally made my decision to attend the conference and I also persuaded another friend of mine to go since he had been looking for a full time position for a long time. He was majorly against it mostly due to lack of funds for the trip but I advised him that so many companies would be attending the conference and I guarantee that he’ll come out of it with a full time position. To our surprise, we both found ourselves on the way to Pittsburgh.

As we both waited outside to get into the career fair room, we noticed a lot of proud black engineers. It was such a great turn out and seeing that I am Nigerian I also noticed way too many Nigerians at the convention as well. We were both amazed by the turn out of the young professionals and even bumped into a few high school friends as well as family that we didn’t expect to meet. As we walked into the double doors, we parted ways to talk to the various companies we were interested in and it was truly a career fest. On the first day of the career fair, I got the chance to talk to about 10 companies and already booked two interviews with Boston Scientific and Pratt and Whitney on that same day. I also booked an interview with Lockheed Martin and Boeing for the next day. I went for various beneficial workshops and mixers after the career fair and didn’t leave the convention center till 10pm. The interviews for the day went well and I knew the search for a job wasn’t over yet.

Day 2 arrived and it was the second day of the career fair. I had to wake up early for my interview with Boeing. When it was over, I headed back to the career fair to meet with other companies. During the course of the day I was determined to talk to as many companies as possible (in which I sure did). I eventually booked additional interviews with Intel and Rolls Royce. Therefore by the end of the day, I had interviewed with a total of six companies. Rolls Royce was very determined to interview me especially seeing I interviewed with their competitor (Pratt and Whitney). All the interviews went well and at this point I definitely thanked God for my decision to attend the national convention. Also, my friend had booked even more interviews than I did and I was really glad I motivated him to come.

As I got back to California, I became a hot cake with the companies I interviewed with. They all called me to either follow up or book additional interviews at the specific site locations. At this point I had received an offer letter from Boeing but I was reluctant to accept it because the position was in Seattle and I wanted to be based in California. I decided to proceed with other companies but I wasn’t very interested in pursuing a career with them. I talked to family and friends about Boeing and they gave me very helpful advices. I finally made my decision to proceed with the job offer from Boeing and I am definitely thankful to my family and friends who motivated me to go to the NSBE Convention this year. I can now say I got a job through NSBE and all glory be to the Lord Almighty!