Neeraj Narang
Master's Student, Computer Science, University of Southern California
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University of Southern California (Web Developer) [Student Position] Dec 2012 to Present
Technologies: Java, MySQL, HTML, PHP, JavaScript
• Implemented a calendar to allow the users to save events for different entities and export records in CSV file
•   Added a module in the web application to fetch records from a MySQL database and to export the records in a CSV file
•   Developed a functionality in Java based desktop application to enable the user to fetch and save remarks in the database and logout automatically
•   Maintained and updated the applications to meet user needs (Mobile Development Intern – Android), Santa Monica May, 2013 to Aug, 2013
Technologies: Java, Android, JSON, REST, SQLite
•   Salesforce Authenticator - An app based on Google Authenticator. Implemented features like accepting keys using QR scanner, timer to indicate code expiry, drag and drop to arrange list elements, swipe to delete rows
•   Implemented features and fixed bugs in Chatter (Android) which were part of three releases. Worked on a feature to allow the user to share files in their feed from Chatterboxand worked on the Chatter Notes feature

Triple Point Technology (Software Developer), Pune, India Nov, 2011 to July, 2012
Technologies: Java, SQL
•   Developed a Profit/Loss Attribution application in Java that enabled the user to analyze the degree of contribution of various factors towards the profit or loss incurred
•   Implemented a module in Java using JFreeCharts to display the above analytical information in the form of charts
•   Debugged and analyzed the code to fix defects in other modules of the product
Infosys Technologies Ltd. (Software Developer), Pune, India July, 2009 to Oct, 2011
Technologies: Java, SQL
•   Participated in design, implementation and debugging of a web application facilitating management of customer information for the consulting services provided by the client for various products
•   Developed the assigned UI components in HTML/CSS, JavaScript and backend in Java
•   Designed and implemented a module that allowed Direct Debit transactions between banks in Java