Nina Nguyen May

Curriculum Vitae

Nina Nguyen


University of California, Los Angeles

Cognitive Science, B.S. with Specialization in Computing

Bachelor of Science, graduated June 2013

Major GPA: 3.67, Overall GPA: 3.48


San Francisco General Hospital
San Francisco, CA

6M Pediatrics Department, Briger Fellow

June 2014 - Present

– Made an informative, personalized "baby book" to give to mothers of newborns born at SFGH.
It has newborn care help, growth/development checklists, plus a simple, fill-out-yourself doctor
visit journal. Overseen by Dr. Martina Steurer-Muller and Dr. Olivier Danhaive, in neonatology.
– My aim was to keep the book as medically correct as possible, so I limited information to that
is encouraged by APA, NIH, CDC, DPH, and SFGH protocols. Resources include fact sheets from
sources like CADPH, CA Dept for Multicultural Health, and the National Learning Consortium.
- Generated a poster in Adobe Illustrator called "Asthma Inhaler Guide" for the pediatric unit's
asthma clinic (resource currently used includes FDA-withdrawn devices, as it is from 2007).

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Bethesda, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology, Research Assistant

Summer 2013, Summer 2014

– Acquired & analyzed clinical data (includes lab results, radiology reports, vitals, medications)
for hypoparathyroidism patients (Dr. Karen Winer) across 2 longitudinal studies; Visualized data
- Co-authored (Dr. Maya Lodish) “Cushing’s disease affects males & females equally in childhood,
but there are gender-dependent differences in presentation,” revisions under review (July 2014).
– Learned HL7 documentation inadvertently, while traversing to obtain unstructured, free-text
"clinical notes" typed by physicians. Our large data set prompted me to explore natural language
processing (NLP). I compiled a medical ontology, to ease the querying/parsing of radiology notes,
e.g., pre-processing CT/US reports to track progression of nephrocalcinosis & nephrolithiasis.


National Institutes of Health: Clinical Center
Bethesda, MD

Medical Informatics and Endocrine Research, Intern

Summer 2012, Summer 2013

– Presented posters at the annual NIH summer conferences [click to view 2012 poster]
- First research paper submitted to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology (April 2014)
- Researched/implemented the most current NLP tools, including free-source packages
(e.g., Stanford's Protege integrated with SNOMED CT); created a .owl medical ontology
– Implemented data visualization tools to reveal longitudinal trends in various medical
conditions including hypoparathyroidism, Cushing syndrome, and prostate cancer
– Trained nurses and doctors in querying clinical data from Biomedical Translational
Research Information System (BTRIS); data-visualization of their actual data sets

Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA

Bioinformatics, Research Assistant & Programmer

April-December 2012

– Created a relational database tailored to the needs of UCLA Center for Autism Research
and Treatment (CART) using PostgreSQL; learned how to design complex data structures
– Generated a web interface that communicated with my server‐based relational database
using JavaScript and another programming language (Python, unfamiliar/self‐taught)

Center for Autism Research and Treatment, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA

EEG and Tobii Eye-Tracking, Research Assistant & Programmer

January-March 2012

– Became familiar with EEG acquisition software (Net Station) and Visual Basic language
– Programmed an event‐related potential (ERP) experiment that collected EEG waveforms

Key Skills

  • C++
  • Java
  • Matlab
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • PostGreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySql
  • AJAX/jQuery
  • SPSS