Nitin Kamra
Ph.D. Student in Machine Learning
University of Southern California


I am a Ph.D. Student in the Computer Science Department at University of Southern California (USC). I work with Prof. Yan Liu in Melady Lab on Artificial General Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Previously, I have also worked with Prof. Nora Ayanian in the ACT Lab at USC. Here, my work was on developing on multirobot coordination and planning algorithms for efficient resource delivery.

Before this, I attended Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi where I got my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. My primary focus was on Control Theory and Signal Processing and I was advised by Prof. Shouribrata Chatterjee .
I was also the Technical Secretary of Electrical Engineering Society at IIT Delhi (Aug 2012 - Aug 2013) and served as the General Secretary of the Electronics Club (August 2013 - May 2014) during my final year.

I am originally from New Delhi, India. I started my Ph.D. in Fall 2014 and currently live in Los Angeles, California.

Research Interests

My primary interest lies in understanding "understanding" itself. I want to figure out how the human mind works.

I work with Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning to model agents capable of autonomous planning and learning. My goal is to develop structures and algorithms which would mimic human intelligence and would allow artificial agents to achieve at least the same level of understanding as humans.

My desire to understand the structure of intelligence has exposed me to Machine Learning, Psychology and Neuroscience although being a Computer Scientist, I have always focused more on the computational aspects of learning and intelligence.

I have previously also worked with path planning and scheduling algorithms for autonomous multirobot resource delivery systems.




  • Teaching Assistant for CSCI-567: Machine Learning, USC (Fall 2016)

  • Teaching Assistant for EEL301: Control Engg - I, IIT Delhi (Spring 2014)

  • Teaching Assistant for EEL201: Digital Electronics, IIT Delhi (Fall 2013)