Nishant Jani

I'm an engineer studying Computer Science at University of Southern California. I expect to graduate Masters degree in May 2016. I love OOJS, PHP & Python.


Demand Media
June '15 - Aug '15

I am currently interning at Demand Media for the Summer '15 as a full stack software development intern. Have met some really cool and smart people here. Its an awesome place to work and been tremendous fun!

University of Southern California
Aug '14 - May '16

I go to college here, in Los Angeles. I learn, implement and improvise. I will be graduating with a rich collection of problem solving tool set (and a Masters Degree) in May '16.

Inknowledge Inc
Nov '12 - July '16

Worked for 2 years at Arlington, TX based startup as a Software Development Engineer. Developed their flagship product Profiles 2.0 along with a couple of other innovative apps that allow faculty & staff within a university to collect, curate and disseminate assets and resources. The apps have been purchased by leading universities in the USA. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years coding, I got to be on the other end of the interviews, mentor a small team of developers and playing Bulls and Cows

Greencart Ventures
July '12 - Oct '12

Joined Mumbai based startup during its inception and developed their flagship product that targeted the city's grocery market to simplify grocery shopping for its audience. The startup received a huge funding from angel round of funding.

University of Mumbai
Aug '08 - May '12

I completed my undergraduate, Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science, from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. Developed my passion for coding, made numerous mistakes, learned a lot.

Jamnabai Narsee School
Aug '1994 - May '06

I went to school here in Mumbai,India for 12 fun filled years! I learned BlueJ at school during my final years.


Mentis Framework
Nov '12 - July '14

Developed a framework that resided over Zend Framework 1.0 to provide Utilities and Libraries, granular level access control (ACL) for each user to simplify app development build on top of Mentis. Mentis also exposed a secure REST API, which was used by all the application front-ends developed in Backbone.js . Moreover the API facilitated inter-application communication.

Profiles 2.0
Feb '13 - May '14

Developed Profiles 2.0 that as a platform allows faculty, staff and students within a university of higher education to enter teachings, research, publications, service activities online. The application used Backbone.js that leveraged robust REST API written in Zend Framework 1.0 . The data was indexed in real time in elasticsearch, to provide immediate results.

Community & Service Learning App
Nov '12 - Feb '13

The application allows faculty and staff within a university to describe, document and share community and service projects. The app also included a reports module that allows to run and export reports to curate all the data captured within the app. The app was build with Backbone.js and leveraged robust REST API written in Zend Framework 1.0

Mentis Explore
Jun '13 - Feb '14

Developed a light weight, search engine optimized, completely REST API based portal that exposed all the public data accumulated within the various applications. The portal allows users to perform real time full-text search on the data. The API used the data indexed within elasticsearch as its data store.
July '12 - Oct '12

Developed an E-commerce web application that allows users to choose and order from a wide variety of grocery products for the up coming week and get it delivered the next day. Implemented an e-wallet to allow users to make electronic payments. Implemented backend admin functionality to generate various kinds of reports to curate the various procurement, billing and inventory statistics. The web app was developed in CodeIgniter, JQuery, MySQL.

Women at Work
Fall '14

Addressed several issues of a nonprofit organization by redesigning their website with interactive UI, developing web based customer registration and feedback modules, improvising business processes by data centralization and automating the process of report generation, all this resulting in an estimated savings of nearly 400+ hours/year for the organization. The project was developed using Twitter Bootstrap, Core PHP and NeonCRM.

Unified Code Count
Fall '14

I primarily worked on debugging various bugs reported by users of UCC. Got a chance to dive deep into the codebase of UCC to replicate, understand and debug issues. Conducted weekly meeting with team to discuss progress, resolve bottlenecks and prioritize bugs. UCC is written in C,C++.

Legendary Fisher
Spring '15 - in progress

Designed and created an AI based mobile game using Unity 2D. The consist of 6 levels and various types of fishes, that demanded a special set of skills from the player to be able to catch them. The game also consists a set of upgrades for the player to upgrade its fishing mechanics. The game is deployed on android platforms.

Crawling & Deduplicating Polar Datasets using Nutch
Spring '15

Crawled three polar repositories viz National Science Foundation Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information System (ACADIS), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Antarctic Master Directory (AMD) and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) Arctic Data Explorer (ADE) to gather rough estimate on order of 100,000 URLs; and about 40 GB on disk. Configured Apache Nutch to crawl three polar data repositories, used Apache Tika for parsing and succeeded in identifying more than 50 Mime types using nutchpy - Implemented the SimHash algorithm and employed it as a similarity measure to detect duplicate and near duplicate documents in crawled data.

Apache-Solr based Search Engine and Ranking Algorithms Polar Datasets
Spring '15

Extracted location information from data crawled by Nutch using Project CLAVIN and GDAL Configured Apache Solr to include Geo-spatial and Link Rank based fields for indexing Developed content based and link based algorithms to rank documents retrieved from Solr based on relevancy Designed a suite of queries to reveal interesting trends in polar regions, visualized the same using heat maps and charts and thus, addressed the concern regarding adverse effects of Global warming in the Arctic region.

Visual Search and Interaction with NSF and NASA Polar Datasets
Spring '15

Designed and developed three, D3.js based analytics dashboard using the Solr index constructed from the polar datasets. We also employed facetviews and Banana, from LucidWorks to develop interactive and dynamic dashboards. A video sample that demonstrates these capabilities can be found on this youtube link.

USC Women in Science & Engineering
Spring '15 - in progress

Developed an application system to allow students at USC Viterbi school of engineering to apply for various fellowship programs. The system also has a admin sections that allows faculty, staff and administrators to go in and review fellowship applications, create a new application, and update existing ones. The system was developed and pushed into production within the spring 15' semester.


I love music (who doesn't) AR Rahman, Yanni & Echosmith are my favourites.

I enjoy travelling. The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. PS: I love reading.

I enjoy reading a lot. Quora was one of the main reasons I started reading. I believe Im spending a lot more time on Quora, than I should.

New found love for cooking. Necessity is the mother of invention, which causes me to experiment a lot with my food.