Ningfeng Huang,

PhD Candidate
University of Southern California

I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate working at Povinelli Nanophotonics Laboratory (University of Southern California). My research interest is nanophotonics, the study of how light interacts with nano- and microscale structures, specifically:

  • light-assisted self-assembly using photoniccrystal slabs

  • optoelectronic design of semiconductor nanowire array solar cell

Latest News

  • Graphite Slot Photonic Crystal supporting high quality factor guided resonant modes

    A Slot-Graphite Photonic Crystal Resonator | Periodic nanostructures is made by nano-fabrication techniques to efficiently control the flow of light for various applications.

  • Free space optical transmission measurement setup

    Part of our optical set-up | An optical set-up combining fiber and free-space optics is used to characterize photonic-crystal devices and perform optical trapping experiments.

  • Lumerical COMSOL Sentaurus TCAD FIMMWAVE

    Simulation tools | Various simulation tools are employed for exploring physics opportunities as well as predicting and explaining the experimental results.


    USC HPCC | High performance parallel and multithread codes are used on USC HPCC to speedup the simulations and optimizations.