Nicholas Segal



I am a student at the University of Southern California currently majoring in Public Policy and Development with an emphasis in real estate development. My website holds several of my past and current projects.



FarmerŐs Field A Public Service Announcement and Advertisement

á     A public service announcement promoting the creation of the proposed FarmerŐs Field,

      a football stadium, that should bring a football team back to LA


Figueroa Street Fly Through

á     A 3D animated movie depicting the section of Figueroa street

located between Jefferson Blvd and W 32nd Street




Unites States Stadiums—An Interactive Map

á     A map which depicts the major stadiums in the U.S.

by state, and states their home teams along with ranks by size


Swedish House Mafia Concert Audio Clip

á     An audio clip recorded at a Swedish House Mafia concert on

March 8th, 2013, depicting a popular song and the crowds reaction


Dodger Game: A Day at Dodger Stadium

á     A video expressing the aura and atmosphere at a Dodger Game


Sports Blog

á     A sports blog expressing the culture and circumstances of sports in LA