Mark Zusak


I want to base my internet art project off the quote, “I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right,” from the Mark Zusak novel The Book Thief. This quote will appear in large letters on the front page, and if possible, I’d love to use Flash to have the words appear like they’re being typed across the home page. Four words in the quote – “hated,” “loved,” “hope,” and “right” will be links to other pages and the animation will stop at each key word and somehow highlight or emphasize it to show it’s a link.

Each of the four pages will then feature content that reminds me of that particular word. This will be a wide variety of multimedia content, including pop culture video clips, popular gifs, poetry, photos, Twitter feeds, music or sound effects, other quotes, or other crowd-sourced material. I will also create my own content like text, images, illustrations, animations, and video. For example, for “hope” I could make a remix video that includes images like Shepard Fairey’s HOPE poster from Obama’s 2008 campaign set to songs that have the word in the title, like “Three Hopeful Thoughts” by Rilo Kiley. I could also include a feed of Tweets with the hashtag “#hope,” a poem about hope, and the word’s dictionary definition. The different content I decide to use for each page will determine the page’s layout and whether or not that page has sub-pages or other elements that “pop up” when you scroll over them.

There will be elements of narrative, although the “story” will be informal and more stream-of-consciousness. It will also feature elements of personal narrative, because I’ll try to convey my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the word and might need to use myself as the subject of some images or videos. The point of the project is to show the power of words and all the complex memories, emotions, and interpretations associated with a single word.