Nan Li


I have served as a teaching assistant for the following courses over the past two years:


I have been actively involved in the design of course syllabi, assignments and exams, and have kept consistently responsive communication with students via office hours, review sessions, emails, and individual appointments. My commitments and efforts were reflected in the end-of-term student evaluations, in which I was described as someone that they “could always count on”.

In addition, I have been in collaboration with Iridescent, a nationwide science-education nonprofit organization that aims to bring cutting edge science, technology and engineering to underprivileged minority children and their families.

As a volunteer mentor for the program, I have a chance to mentor both elementary and high school students in local communities who are interested in engineering. I have lectured about fundamental principles in engineering research, and demoed a number of interesting research projects that the students found “very exciting and educating”. I am currently assisting a program coordinator in designing and detailing educative engineering projects, such as using participatory sensing approaches to improve human-building interaction, for the students and their parents to work on in the coming semester.