Bhargava Nandibhatla

Programmer, Python/Django Lover, Movie Freak, Data Enthusiast, Student @ USC.

About Me

I'm currently a Master's student at USC's Viterbi School of Engineering majoring in Computer Science.
I strongly believe that in today's world aberration is the rule and normality is an exception. I love working on technologies which amaze me with their functionality and perfection. I feel infinite when I'm programming. I love taking up challenging problems and exploring unconquered territory.
My non-academic interests include spirituality and movies (BTW I'm a huge "Pulp Fiction" Fan).

Download Resume

You can find my Resume here.


Contact Me

Please feel free to reach out if you have some ideas, want somebody to talk to, want to nerd out about tech etc.
P.S. I'm looking for a Summer Internship and I'm available for Hire!
+1 (213) 284-4477