Praneeth Nallamalli

Software Engineer

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I'm a graduate student at University of California. I am expected to graduate with MS in Computer Science with focus in AI and Machine Learning in May 2019. You can reach me at I am currently looking for spring 2019 internship (co-op) and fall 2019 full time positions.


BME Department, University of Virginia

Deep Learning Student Researcher

  • Working on Human Pose Estimation (COCO Keypoint Detection Task) with Assistant Prof. Xue Feng.
  • Achieved state-of-the-art results comparable to challenge benchmarks by adding few deconvolutionallayers with ResNet backbone network.

Springbok, Inc.

Software Engineer (Intern)

  • Springbok analytics is a start-up based out of University of Virginia that provides the most complete muscle information on all dimensions using cutting-edge magnetic resonance imaging.
  • I built a microservice-based backend using Django, Python, SQLite, Celery and Redis.
  • Developed APIs for uploading, querying, and retrieving medical images from PACS servers using DICOM protocols and WADO URIs.
  • Provided APIs for deep learning based advanced image processing algorithms.
  • Docker-ized the application with deep learning environment (CUDA) for easy cross-platform deployment.

Kiwi, Inc.

Data Aggregation and Processing Engineer (Intern)

  • Worked with Artificial Intelligence team to build profanity filter, spell corrector to help build smarter bots.
  • Explored Facebook's Graph API to fetch user data to build personalized chat bots.
  • Worked with QA team to perform smoke test on various webpages of the organization.
  • Technologies used: Java, Python, HTML


Backend Developer (Intern)

  • Extracted ball to ball information of all cricket games played in Indian Premier League.
  • Created profiles for all the participating players, teams and venues.
  • Database is updated in real-time after every game played.
  • Built a web application to generate major cricket related stats.
  • This application can be used to get useful insights about a particular player or team.
  • Technologies used: Python, MongoDb, and Flask.

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

Software Engineer (Intern)

  • Built a software implementing different methods to find shortest geodesic distance between two difference points.
  • Implemented and compared the results of the following methods: Equi-Rectangular Approximation, Polar Co-Ordinate (Flat Earth Formula), Haversine Method, Spherical Law Of Cosines, Arc Length, Vincenty’s Algorithm, Karney’s Algorithm.
  • Built this software in C++ in Qt Creator.
  • Performed Coverity test and learned about software testing.


University of Southern California

Aug 2017 - May 2019

Master of Science in Computer Science

SRM University (Chennai, India)

July 2013 - May 2017

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering

Activities: Lead Web Designer at Webarch, Student researcher at NLP Lab


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