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Choosing the right car for you

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Car Reviews

Choosing the right car for you

If you would look at the car reviews, there are practical tips common in all of them to help a buyer like you make the right choice when you purchase the perfect car, truck or SUV for you and your family. After all, purchasing a car is a big decision for you. A bad car choice is something that you have to bear with.

Here are these tips practically available in most car reviews.

This is a big purchase and a bad decision on a vehicle is something you have to live with.

* You should take advices from other people, especially those own cars for such a long time. But, you must remember that it is still you that should decide on the right car for you.

* You should conduct an evaluation of your goals, needs, and wants in determining the true needs that you have with regards to your new car.

* Discuss your options with someone whom you could depend with when it comes to cars. If you have a short list of the cars that you are having your eye on, show it to him or her. He or she could give you another idea on how to select a car.

* Assess your financial capability in buying a car. You should ensure that you set firmly on a certain car price that you could be able to pay the car.

* It pays to be informed. Do a little amount of research about cars by reading through car reviews that are available in car magazines as well as in the Internet. Having a better knowledge about cars would give you the power and control in getting a better car deal.

* Determine the car invoice price of the dealer.

* Find out other factors that could affect profit margin. You could for example, the car dealer incentives as well as the number of over-supplied automobiles that are slow-moving in terms of sales.

* Do not forget about the holdback.

* Always negotiate to have a good deal to give you the perfect car you want without spending so much on it. That is why it pays to read and research about cars from reviews available in car magazines or Internet.

* For the opening bid, do not forget in offering the car invoice price. Of course, do not forget about the auto incentives offered as well as the options and car rebates available.

* From the folder that you have, separate the other extra costs. Add them up into the calculation later for you to know the total cost of your car. These extra fees include any customer car rebates that are applicable, costs from dealer advertising, sales taxes and freight.

* In calculating total cost, here is what you should do:

1. Get the invoice price of your car dealer.

2. Add the invoice cost of the dealer to any of your desired options.

3. Then deduct around 50 percent of any auto incentive offered by the dealer.

The total cost after the three steps is what you call the opening bid.

Remember that you should let the dealer’s salesperson know that you’re bid is based on the three factors enumerated above and that extra costs would be included much later on.

4. Any customer car rebate should be deducted.

5. Applicable taxes should be added.

6. Freight Charge should be added.

Afterwards add to the cost the advertising fee of your car dealer.

After the seven steps stated above have been done, the total fees are your total cost.



Reviewing a Safe Car

What do you mean when you say that a car is "safe"? What are the components that make a car "safe"? Are you planning on making a car review on what are touted to be "safe" cars? Most buyers make their choices based on a car's style as well as price. But there are also people that put a car safety features first in their considerations. If you are thinking of making a car review, then this will aid you in making one that focuses on a car safety features and capabilities.

Car room dimensions

Does the car have ample space in its interior? This is very important for people that have large families. A good example would be a mom who has four kids that might need car seats. Having enough room to make sure that everyone is secured safely is a big factor for drivers that usually have many passengers.

Backup sensors and a car's blind spots

Injuries related to backing incidents have drawn much attention. That is why many car manufacturers have focused on making backing-up situations more safe with backing devices like sensors and other gadgets. This is also problematic for relativley bigger cars like sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Currently, cameras installed at the rear and tv screens inside the car make navigation easier. This enables a person to look over his blind spot and determine if someone may be hit by the car which is backing up.

Child safety features

Most people think that all cars are similar when it comes to car safety performance. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Although the common assumption is that all cars have the same safety performance, apparently there are cars that are more safe for kids than others. Check if the car has the following safety features: latch, tethers, and lower anchors (these makes the installation of child seats easier); close fitted car seats (this makes long travels more comfortable)`, etc.

Advanced safety features

Find out if the car has the latest safety features in it. Check if the car has the following safety features: window lock, rear safety belts that can be adjusted, anti-lock braking systems, stability control, child safety locks. These features greatly increase the safety factor of any car. Of course, greater safety means a higher price tag. Thus, the aim is for you to balance safety and your financial considerations.

Air bags

Air bags have saved many lives but people do not realize that these life savers also have the potential to kill people especially children. A fatality due to an air bag may be caused by a loose safety belt or a car seat that is not properly restrained.

Crash test results

It is also ideal for you to check a car's crash test rating. This determines a car's ability to withstand a collision with another car or a stationary object and prevent any major injury to its passengers. This reflects the technology that has been invested on a car as well as the research and development that was utilized for it. A crash test may be the ultimate way of determining a car's "safety"capabilities.

Maintenance requirement

Look if the car has low maintenance requirements. Make sure that the mechanic look into the following: battery status, compression test, seatbelt test, inspection of underbody and the chassis, suspension status, brakes, etc.

Remember, making a car review which focuses on safety matters is an important thing to do. This kind of review will help guide a prospective car owner on deciding what car to buy.