Mingxuan Yue
-- --Fast Learner & Problem Solver


INFIT is a intelligent system that can infer the real accident happening time from traffic flow data, then correct incident reports.



This is my project in CSCI587, collaborating with Donglin Pu and Qiang Fang. Gomi is an O2O crowd-sourcing app that can help travelers matching width trip guides and enjoy an cheap and customized journey.


LA4Square is a project crawling venues in LA county by category based on Foursquare's API. And it will also generate all categories a venue belongs to.


WeiboRec is my Undergraduate thesis which makes content-based recommendations for Weibo(social sharing website like Twitter) users using Latent Dirichlet Allocation.


  • WeatherReq: Request historical and current weather
  • RefMap: Generate the distribution of references in a .pdf paper
  • GossipX: A website prototype that will clarify rumors and gossip on the fly by crowdsoucing on users who take pictures or have experience.