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Matthew Pugh is a Masters student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California and expects to graduate in spring of 2015. He is currently an assistant planner with the City of Victorville (September 2012 to present) and is working part-time with Mimi Song Company as a GIS specialist and researcher (April 2011 to present). As a specialist, he creates marketing packages and maps to aide in real estate transactions, and he also is responsible for maintaining a spatial database for all vacant land transactions in the target market area. Matthew also spent four months (Aug 2011 to Nov 2011) as a GIS intern with the City of San Bernardino working on a project that mapped the locations of some 13,000+ street lights in the 80 square mile city using a Trimble mobile unit. Matthew is hoping to further develop his skills in GIS, specifically in scripting and web GIS.

The above map shows the Appalachian Trail and the numerous shelters along the way.


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