Marisa Manghelli

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Marisa Manghelli is a Masterís Student in the GIST Program at the University of Southern California. Recently, she was an office manager at a Social Security Disability law firm (2007-2011). This program represents a fundamental career change for Marisa, and she is excited at the possibilities being opened for her future. Marisa completed her Bachelors of Art in Archaeology at Boston University in 2007. Her first exposure to GIS occurred while at Boston University in the form of an Introduction to Remote Sensing course. It was this exposure that sparked Marisaís interest and desire in obtaining a Masters in GIS, and prompted her departure from the legal field for a more interesting future. Marisa has completed five classes toward her degree and expects to graduate in 2013. She is interested in cultural resource management.

Marisa's Hopeful Dig Sites

This map shows the location of several archaeological sites I would love to participate in someday.


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